Mike Barnicle has been covering presidential politics for 40 years. From Jimmy Carter to George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Mike has applied his signature wit and straightforward observations to 10 very unique election contests—perhaps none more so than the current run for the White House. The greatest insights from Mike’s columns and television appearances, however, come from his ability to highlight and condense the biggest struggles and aspirations of Americans—from the diehard voters at the rallies to those indifferent or undecided—which remain a constant in every campaign cycle. Mike’s wealth of knowledge spans a wide spectrum—from his early days as a speech writer and aid to prominent political figures, and a role in Robert Redford’s The Candidate to his decades at The Boston Globe as one of the country’s most preeminent columnists, to his recent commentaries for The Dailiy Beast and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Read some of Mike’s past presidential election columns below.