Veteran journalist Mike Barnicle has interviewed and profiled countless political and business leaders, union, government and military officials, athletes, celebrities and authors during his four-decade career as an award-winning print and broadcast journalist, social and political commentator. From President Barack Obama to all the 2016 presidential hopefuls, Barnicle brings his signature balance of tough-minded inquiry and empathy with the everyman to cut to the heart of pressing national and international issues that matter to the American public and impact this upcoming 2016 election. As a regular on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and a staff columnist for The Daily Beast, Barnicle has lent his incisive analytical style to stories and discussion ranging from the economy and jobs to ISIS, foreign policy, the Catholic Church, civil rights, gun control, education, poverty, health, veterans’ affairs and much more.

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, regular contributor Mike Barnicle spotlights the importance of the 2016 election: “This might be a year that provides us with a more insightful look into the American psyche than any other political year since 1968. Fifteen years of war, fifteen years of wage stagnation, interrupted by near-total economic collapse, and people are wandering around angry, frustrated, thinking nothing works.” Listen to Mike’s comments on this election year, including his agreement with The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward on voters’ wariness toward Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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